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Faith in Angels gave me all the comfort I needed and had a lot of compassion for all my family. I thank them for showing my mother their tenderness and love. They were my savior. I also want to thank Romeo who was by her side. Thanks for helping her receive Jesus Crist as her lord and savior. You guys are truly angels. My mother’s transition going into heaven was honorable and glorified.


I want to start off by saying I love Faith in Angels. Thank you for having a wonderful staff. They were always very supportive, had a positive attitude, and were always available. I appreciate them for always making the difficult moments we had easier for us, by guiding in every way. Don’t ever change that and keep it up the great work.


Faith in angels is awesome, loved every bit about it. Everyone was wonderful.


Faith in Angels gave me the opportunity to be by my grandma’s side at all times, without having to worry about other events that were occurring at the same time. Because of you, the last few days that I had with her were special. I was able to express her how I felt and hold her in my arms. She was special to me, and it was important for me to be with her and give her that comfort that she needed. In fact, Faith in Angels also was instrumental in giving my grandma the last the moments living on earth to be comfortable, peaceful, and honorable. I thank the staff for all the support they gave me during and after, while I grieved. I was so lucky to have all of you by my side.


I can’t say enough about the amazing, caring people working at Faith In Angels Hospice. Everyone at ‘FIAH’ knew my father and the peculiarities of his care. After our father fell and broke his upper arm, his health began to fail quickly. My sister and I were lost in trying to figure out what to do next.  He couldn’t go back to his assisted living facility and he wasn’t ambulatory or mentally capable of recuperating at a convalescent home. In my deepest despair, through God’s grace, I found the phone number of Elsie at Faith In Angels Hospice.  I didn’t know what hospice was, or what it even meant. Elsie talked me through different options and what they meant for my father. She spent hours on the phone with me, helping me understand everything I could. Elsie and her team were able to help us find a board and care facility that was within our budget. I can’t stress that enough: within our budget. Anyone can find a solution if money is unlimited. We had a small budget and Dad needed a lot of care.


My impressions of the services were comparable to some of the best agencies we dealt with. The nurses were very responsive and caring. If it hadn’t been for them, it would have been very difficult for me on my own. Their help was invaluable, the agency that was sending 24 hour care. The care that they provided was very valuable, and they did an absolutely terrific job in assisting me with his care in his final days of illness. I will definitely be giving a contribution to FIAH, and highly recommend them.


We have been with FIAH since  last October, and the staff is great. They take pride in their nurses, who are consistently punctual and thorough. Nicole is very caring; she comes over and sits with us, almost like family. The supply is always accounted for and any problems or issues are resolved right away. I love the care they give to my loved one, and I would highly recommend FIAH to anyone.”


I want to personally thank you and your wonderful employees for how you handled my brother’s care and the last few days of his life. Also wanted to thank you from all of us at the Kortlander Family for the wonderful flowers at Shawn’s memorial. I cannot express in words how much we appreciate your professionalism and attention you gave us.
– With sincere respect, appreciation and gratefulness,

Chris Kortlander

Thank your for your kindness and support during my mother’s final weeks with us. You did what you said you would do in keeping her comfortable and giving us more time with her and more time to show her our love and appreciation for her.
– With sincerest regards,

The Castaneda Family

A sincere thank you to all of you for your care and assistance for our mom, Lucille Ledoux, while she was on hospice. You helped make her more comfortable and we know she enjoyed your visits and all arrangements on her behalf. We are grateful for all your care!

Sheri and Roger Ledoux

A much belated note to thank all the dedicated staff of Faith in Angels Hospice for the compassionate care giving to not only my husband, Phillip, but also to our family during the time FIAH was our guiding angel.
I will forever be amazed and in awe of the professional but personal, attention each and every FIAH staff member evidenced while caring for my husband.
– Affectionately,

Evelyn Cutting

Thank you so much for everything you did for our dad and making this season in our lives so much easier.
We can’t thank you enough for your amazing care and concern for our father and us too! You enabled us to step it of the care-giver role and become adults whose father was well cared for. You gave us the opportunity to make wonderful, happy memories with our father. Our whole lives he was not a happy person. In his final months, we visited home with strawberry milkshakes in hand, and he became happy! He smiled at us and thanked us! That fact alone is incredible. Thank you for helping that happen.
– Love,

Camee and Barbee

We just want to say thank you for taking care of Frances Grissom. She was loved and liked by many.
– Thanks again,

Barb, Stew and Kim

Thank you for a great service, very caring staff. Thank you for being with me and my beautiful mom till her last breath.