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Faith In Angels Hospice in Los Angeles is part of the continuum of exceptional quality care. We are committed to delivering uncompromising excellence in hospice services wherever you need them, whether in your home, at a residential care facility, or in a skilled nursing facility.

Started in 2011 by husband-and-wife Arman and Nicole Voskerchyan, Faith in Angels Hospice is a family-owned business that has cared for over 1,000 patients to date. Nicole has been a nurse for 17 years and has worked in many settings in the healthcare industry. It was her extensive experience and her perceived lack of compassion and empathy in the hospice world that led her to start her own hospice with the help of her husband Arman. Together, they now ensure that every single one of their patients’ medical needs are not only met but exceeded with an unparalleled quality of comfort, compassion, and empathy.

Most of us are familiar with the aggressive approach to medical care – but when medical treatment cannot cure your illness, we will guide you through the rest of your journey including developing a plan of care that addresses your specific goals.

Our mission is to provide comprehensive and coordinated care to individuals with life-limiting illnesses and to their families, without regard to race, color, national origin, ability, or age.

Faith in Angels Hospice has a simple philosophy: we take a holistic approach to the care of each individual and family throughout the life limiting illness and beyond. We focus on your physical and emotional comfort so that you can focus on living life to the fullest – everyday.

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Hospice physicians make the ultimate decision – they evaluate the patient …

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The nurse plays a crucial role in the patient’s care plan starting from …

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Case Management

Hospice case managers do just that, manage the case. They are looking at …

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Social Work

While the Faith in Angels Hospice nurses and physicians care for the patients…

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Home Health Aide

Although the home health aides follow the plan of care developed by the …

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Faith in Angels Hospice is proud to provide chaplain services for our …

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Although volunteers are not a part of the hospice interdisciplinary care …

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Emotional and Spiritual Care

It’s natural to think of doctors and nurses providing medical treatment …

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My impressions of the services were comparable to some of the best agencies we dealt with. The nurses were very responsive and caring. If it hadn’t been for them, it would have been very difficult for me on my own. Their help was invaluable, the agency that was sending 24-hour care. The care that they provided was very valuable, and they did an absolutely terrific job in assisting me with his care in his final days of illness. I will definitely be giving a contribution to FIAH, and highly recommend them.”