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While the Faith in Angels Hospice nurses and physician care for the patient’s medical needs, our social worker diligently works with patients and families guiding them through major healthcare decisions whether it be assisting with forms for an advance directive, living wills, and powers of attorney or coordinating counseling services and grief support groups.

They can make a referral for Meals on Wheels, guide you in getting additional home care, or link you to the VA and other benefits. They can guide you in applying for financial assistance or temporary assistance programs for energy or utilities, or county assistance programs.

Hospice social workers also help patients and families decide what environment is best for the patient to receive care. They can assist in a transition from a rehabilitation center, assisted living facility, or nursing home back to your home, or vice versa.

Besides the various services and benefits a social worker can facilitate for a patient and their family, Faith in Angels Hospice social workers are also trained counselors. They are here to listen, to help you process information and experiences, help you to problem solve and cope in the best way possible. They help address a patient’s and family’s emotional needs through counseling and other methods of support. They explain the effects of disease and stress on your family’s mental and emotional health and how best to navigate these effects. It is not uncommon for family caregivers to experience fatigue and burnout when caring for a loved one, a social worker can offer tips to help you to continue to care for your loved one and yourself.

Faith in Angels Hospice support of families doesn’t stop when the patient transitions. After the patient’s passing a hospice social worker begins the work of helping families plan the funeral and connecting with the people and organizations you need to inform about your loved one’s passing.

The hospice social worker counsels families through their grief, providing age-appropriate education and emotional support for children and grandchildren, including activities that allow them to express their feelings. They can help you to understand what grief is and help you work through your own grief response. Social workers can do this through a personal support counseling session or offer coping tips to ease day-to-day emotions.

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Faith in Angels gave me the opportunity to be by my grandma’s side at all times, without having to worry about other events that were occurring at the same time. Because of you, the last few days that I had with her were special. I was able to express to her how I felt and hold her in my arms. She was special to me, and it was important for me to be with her and give her that comfort that she needed. In fact, Faith in Angels also was instrumental in making my grandma’s last moments living on earth comfortable, peaceful, and honorable. I thank the staff for all the support they gave me during and after, while I grieved. I was so lucky to have all of you by my side.