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Hospice case managers do just that, manage the case. They are looking at everything from a big-picture perspective. Their decisions must take all aspects of the patient’s care plan into consideration. Because of this, they are personally involved from the point of admission in developing the care plan.
When care teams meet every two weeks to discuss each patient’s progress and condition, it’s the case manager who schedule and coordinates care between these interdisciplinary groups to ensure patients are receiving the appropriate amount of attention and visits from nurses, home health aides, and even the physician if needed.

Hospice case managers address family, patient, and facility concerns and work with their team to ensure communication of important information and care plan changes. They assess the needs of each patient individually and the collective of all patients under their care as they manage staffing and schedules to meet those needs.

In addition to care coordination, hospice case managers assist in patient education, case monitoring, discharge planning, resource management, and patient advocacy.

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“I can’t say enough about the amazing, caring people working at Faith in Angels Hospice. Everyone at ‘FIAH’ knew my father and the peculiarities of his care. After our father fell and broke his upper arm, his health began to fail quickly. My sister and I were lost in trying to figure out what to do next. He couldn’t go back to his assisted living facility and he wasn’t ambulatory or mentally capable of recuperating at a convalescent home. In my deepest despair, through God’s grace, I found the phone number of Elsie at Faith in Angels Hospice. I didn’t know what hospice was, or what it even meant. Elsie talked me through different options and what they meant for my father. She spent hours on the phone with me, helping me understand everything I could. Elsie and her team were able to help us find a board and care facility that was within our budget. I can’t stress that enough: within our budget. Anyone can find a solution if money is unlimited. We had a small budget and Dad needed a lot of care.”