Music Therapy

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Everyone appreciates at least some form of music, and those that do know full well the effect it can have on mood. Even those who don’t understand music on a technical level feel the effects, this is the universal appeal of it.

None need this uplifting effect more than hospice patients. Music has the natural ability to resurface positive memories and emotional experiences from our past, creating relaxation and lifting spirits.

These are just some of the benefits music therapy can provide patients:

  • Emotional support, reducing anxiety, life review, and mood elevation
  • Reducing loneliness, isolation, and providing social support
  • Relaxation and comfort, passive listening that may be enhanced with guided imagery, helping patients be more alert and present
  • Physical support, helping patients with pain and symptom management, and calming patients who may be restless or agitated

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We just want to say thank you for taking care of Frances Grissom. She was loved and liked by many. Thanks again.

Barb, Stew and Kim